Men like me go through life on Easy Mode. But we can’t sit out the fight for gender equity in the Design industry.

There are 3 modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard. “Easy” is selected.
There are 3 modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard. “Easy” is selected.

A bathroom stall, AKA “Jon’s Cry Closet.” Photo by Tom Rogerson.

It’s not about distance—it’s about time

Wa(l)king up in the morning

My 2017 total steps through September 13. That’s 4.6M steps for an average of ~18K/day — still a little under my goal of 20K steps/day, but I’m catching up. Via the Fitline app for iOS.

Photo © Claudia Gaitzsch

Renewing my promises on our 10th anniversary

Please donate or share from this YouCaring page to help Marcia Huhta walk again.

And dance again, and hold her great-grandchildren again, and…

Marcia needs your help

The best way to complain is to make things. Photo © Jonathon Colman

My journey to UX and content strategy in 86 bullet points

  • I studied technical writing in college.
  • My professors taught me to write in bullet points.
  • Much like this.
  • Oh look—here’s another one.
  • This was back in the 1990s when we did the Macarena.
  • We did it over and over again, going through the motions of the dance.
  • I wanted to find a way to use language to help people solve problems.
  • Maybe I’d get a job writing manuals for John Deere. I could be a hero to farmers when the starter died on their row-crop tractors.
  • But that’s not what happened.

© Jennifer Tomaloff (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Three stories about the things we can’t say

Jonathon Colman

Senior design manager at Hubspot. Ex-Intercom and Facebook. Working on the web since 1994, grumpy it’s not done yet. Always listening.

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